Hi there and welcome to DobreSa

This is an experiment, a testimony and a travel guide

depicting my trip to India. 

This site will run from now till the first day of Pohoda festival (Slovakia) on 5. 7. 2012. 

What is the main objectives of this site?

1. DobreSa will testify experiment of leaving behind all the unnecessary believes, orientations and relationships that I try to release. 

2. This will be a testimony on my personal path from now till I will attend the Pohoda festival. I am curious what is going to happen. Big time.

3. To testimony my planned visit to the Palm Leaves Library where rest palm rolls, one corresponding to each person that will ever visit one of the Palm Leaves Libraries. You can find some reading on this extraordinarity for instance here on the fellow blogger `s site. I aim to locate one of these libraries and find my file. I wanna see if this is true or not and if yes what will I find there. So far I learned from my friends in India that one of these libraries is located somewhere around Tamil Nadu.

4. And last but not least, DobreSa will provide accurate information on my trip and my point of view on the experience in India. There are many contradictory information that I obtained from people who went there or from internet. By going there I will clear my and hopefully some other minds. I longed for going to India so long, I will do this and enjoy it. Leaving this Friday.

In the Photo Gallery section you will find photos from my trip. The section India in written allows you to see what I figured out from my trip. The page Currently here informs where I am located at the time being. And finally, the page bearing the name Videos shows few movies from my trip.

If you have any suggestions or question feel free to leave a comment below.

Love and peace.


Who Am I? 

I come from Slovakia, a mountainous country in Central Europe.I travelled a bit her and bit there and before 4 years I came to Cyprus to do my MBA. I had lovely time, finished my studies successfully and I also gained some working experience too. Than it just happened that I met yoga teacher from India here in Cyprus and I remembered myself of the forgotten wish of going to India. Here I am, my camera prepared and myself a long time ago.
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